We play in front of the spectacular Gothic-fronted Knebworth House. Yep, that’s right… the estate with the magnificent stately home, famed for its Gothic facade but actually dating back to the 15th century, one-time home to writer, statesman and inventor of the much-lampooned opening line ‘It was a dark and stormy night’, Edward Bulwer-Lytton. You’ll also recognise it as the setting for countless films and TV shows and, oh yeah, some unforgettable concerts by music superstars such as Queen, Oasis, Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams.

So, it’s a nice place to play? We play against the spectacular backdrop of Knebworth House and like to think it’s one of the prettiest cricket settings in Hertfordshire. We have two grounds side by side, the squares are lovingly prepared and we don’t share facilities with other sports so the outfield doesn’t get churned up in the winter. Click here if you need directions to find us…

What sort of level do you play? On Saturdays, we put out four senior teams in the Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League, so serious enough but no manic speed merchants firing 95mph bullets at you. The 1st XI play in Division 2B after promotion in 2022. Our other teams are scattered through the league, playing at every standard. We also have a programme of friendlies on Sundays. We are particularly proud of the huge number of matches on offer for our junior sides of all ages.

I haven’t played since I was at at school, I don’t know if I’m good enough… Hold on, we welcome players of all abilities. We don’t care if you can’t run 22 yards without stopping for a rest, you need inch-thick glasses just to see to the end of your nose or your bat has woodworm and pads have buckles rather than Velcro fixings. Everybody is welcome. You will find your level.

So, absolutely anyone can join? Look, the only qualification is an interest in cricket… playing it, watching it, sunbathing while watching it, coaching it, umpiring it, sitting in a bar and talking about it. We’d love to welcome you to the club.

Ahhh, you have a bar, then? Absolutely, good beer, good prices, good company and a barbecue after most games so you can get some hot food, too.

And you’re a friendly lot? We like to think so. We like to think that despite having a couple of hundred members from a wide catchment area, we have the heart and intimacy of a village club. With our strong focus on junior cricket, it’s family friendly, too.

So, I guess it’s pretty expensive to join? Hardly! Our basic annual membership is a very competitive £110 but there are lots of other payment options for people who want to play more or less than average and reduced rates for students, juniors, the unemployed. For the full details of subs and match fees click here.

Actually, it’s my child who wants to play… Well, have you come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our thriving and successful junior section, which caters for all ages of boys and girls. If you want to see something to warm the cockles of your heart, pop along on a Sunday morning and watch the dozens of little uns racing around during their weekly training sessions. All our senior sides are populated with juniors who have come through or are coming through our junior system. For details on our  junior section, click here

OK, I’m convinced … What do I do now? It couldn’t be easier… just come along to our winter or summer net sessions or during the season pitch up at the ground and join a training session at the club on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. Alternatively, call Chris Johnson on 07867 580492 or email him